Radiation Detection

Radiation Detection and Environmental Monitoring instruments determine radioactivity in the environment by gamma ray measurement. ANTECH Radiation Detection and Environmental Monitoring systems include:

  • Contamination vehicle and pedestrian portal monitors
  • The RadSearch gamma camera
  • Mobile environmental laboratories
  • Technology for in-field soil measurements

02 EMBASSY (Excavator Mounted Bucket Assay System) G3102-4216

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The ANTECH excavator mounted bucket assay system (EMBASSY) model G3102-4216 is a system designed to measure the radioactive contents of an excavator bucket. It can be employed to detect, measure and segregate radionuclide contamination in soil, gravel and rubble.The contaminates may include naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) such as Ra-226 and activation and fission products […]

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05 Automated Gamma Spectroscopy System (AGSS), G3010

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The ANTECH model G3010 Automated Gamma Spectroscopy System (AGSS) or automated sample changer is an effective solution for performing automated, unattended, high-resolution gamma spectroscopy (HRGS) measurements and analysis of bulk samples in a variety of sizes and types of Marinelli beakers. The design draws on more than 15 years of collaboration with ORTEC® and is […]

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