Radioactive Waste Measurement

Radioactive Waste Measurement instruments use different technologies to quantify the radionuclide content or the mass of a radionuclide (or radionuclides) in waste. ANTECH waste assay instruments cover a range of waste density and waste container sizes, including small samples and small cans, drums of different sizes and large boxes and containers.

02 EMBASSY (Excavator Mounted Bucket Assay System) G3102-4216

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The ANTECH excavator mounted bucket assay system (EMBASSY) model G3102-4216 is a system designed to measure the radioactive contents of an excavator bucket. It can be employed to detect, measure and segregate radionuclide contamination in soil, gravel and rubble.The contaminates may include naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) such as Ra-226 and activation and fission products […]

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04 Universal Neutron Counter, N2000 Series

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The ANTECH Universal Neutron Counter N2000 has been designed to provide a state of the art neutron counting capability for nuclear safeguards, waste assay and accounting measurements for special nuclear materials. The unit incorporates total neutron counting, shift register neutron coincidence counting, neutron multiplicity counting, and list mode neutron data acquisition. It is compatible with […]

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06 CHARMS (Characterisation Assay & Radiation Monitoring Station) G3650


    CHARMS is a mobile assay and measuring system for making laboratory quality measurements of drums, waste bags and other waste objects in the field. It consists of a trailer with a laboratory/office and a heavy-duty turntable. The detection system employs a high-resolution, high purity Germanium (HPGe) detector with a large crystal diameter to […]

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