Our Policies

ANTECH (A.N. Technology & ANTECH Corporation) are committed to providing a service to our customers which ensures that they are provided with products and services that meet their requirements, whilst endeavouring to avoid harm to the environment, our employees, visitors and all other stake holders who may be affected directly or indirectly by our activities.

We recognise that Quality, Health, Safety, Environment, Sustainability and Social Responsibility are essential to our businesses future performance. We comply with the applicable legislation, regulation, contractual requirements and good practice that are appropriate to our business and we are committed to a continual and effective programme of improvement.

We will conduct the activities for which we are responsible in a way that provides a product that fulfils our customer’s expectations. We will do this in a manner that prevents unnecessary risk of injury and ill-health to anyone who may be affected and with due consideration to minimise impacts on the environment in which we operate. We will also seek to source our materials from sustainable and sociably responsible operations.

We will identify and encourage positive consequences of our business by actively adopting and promoting the concepts of sustainability and social responsibility.

To facilitate these aims we shall maintain an ISO 9001 compliant management system that is independently assessed. Whilst also conforming to the requirements of NQA 1, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001, as a minimum.

As an organisation we recognise the experience of our employees. As such we shall provide applicable quality, environmental, social responsibility, and health and safety information and training to build upon their skills and competencies. We encourage all our employee to apply good practice at work and at home.

In conjunction with this policy there is a framework of supporting policies that reflect our activities. These policies are communicated throughout the organisation to its employees, customers, suppliers and to other stakeholders.

This Integrated Systems Policy will be reviewed at least annually as part of our Management Review process.