New product: RadSearch

ANTECH is pleased to announce the latest development in radiation scanning: the ANTECH RadSearch gamma camera.

RadSearch is a new device for measuring radiation in the environment. RadSearch is capable of locating and quantifying radioactivity distributed on surfaces, within eq­­uipment and in pipe work, as well as determining radiation dose in the environment. It is applicable to both high dose-rate measurements, for example measuring remote handled (RH) waste as well as low activity environmental measurements. RadSearch consists of a detection head with a shielded and collimated lanthanum bromide (LaBr3) scintillation detector and photomultiplier, video camera and distance measuring laser range-finder system.

RadSearch can operate in Search Mode to scan an area automatically, or in Manual Mode (initiated by an operator) to search a specific surface or piece of equipment. RadSearch is readily transportable and can be unpacked from its three carrying cases and deployed in less than ten minutes. It is normally operated from a tripod but the detector head and pan and tilt mechanism may be mounted on other devices such as vehicles or mobile robots, which enables it to be deployed remotely into areas of high radiation background.

RadSearch can detect a wide range of radionuclides and records gamma ray spectra for archive purposes and potential future analysis. It reports the activity in units of Bq or Ci of the scanned object or area.