New product: Wide Range Segmented/Tomographic Gamma Scanner

ANTECH is pleased to announce the development of the Wide Range Segmented/Tomographic Gamma Scanner (WR-SGS/TGS).

ANTECH is currently designing and building a state of the art automated waste assay system for measuring waste drums of different sizes. The system is based on ANTECH Wide Range-Segmented Gamma Scanning (WR-SGS) technology and includes Tomographic Gamma Scanning measurement capability for measuring heterogeneous waste drums and objects. Also included is an automatic filter in the detector collimator and automated movement of the detector axis. These two features allow for the measurement of higher dose-rate drums extending the dynamic measuring range of the instrument. WR-SGS technology is further extended to include more flexible and robust conveyor based drum handling to facilitate use of the system for automated and unattended operation and to make it easier to integrate the instrument with existing drum handling conveyors.

This system builds on the operational experience that ANTECH has obtained in supplying Wide Range SGS systems in Finland and in Australia. The enhanced WR-SGS/TGS will provide the most comprehensive gamma ray assay capability that is available today.