Remote handled waste

Remote Handled (RH) waste is defined in the USA as waste that has an external dose rate of grater than 200 milli-rem/hr (2 mSv/hr). The term is often used for all radioactive waste with a high surface dose rate. Depending on dose rate, the category may include low level waste, intermediate level waste, transuranic waste and high level waste (including spent fuel). There are special safety and handling considerations that must be taken into account when dealing with RH waste. ANTECH provides general purpose far-field gamma ray measuring instruments and special neutron measuring instruments for the measurement and characterisation of RH waste.

Tray Assay System for ILW and FED Waste G3652

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                The ANTECH Model G3652 Tray Assay System is a High-resolution Gamma Assay System specially developed for Magnox Berkeley Licensed Site for the measurement of fissile material to be stored both in product packages and waste containers such as Yellow Box┬«, MOSAIK and TRU-Shields.  

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