08 ANTCart

Mobile Measurement Trolley


ANTCart is a rugged, mobile detector platform designed to position and mount High Purity Germanium (HPGe) and other detectors for measurements of drums, boxes and large containers.

The ANTCart has an adjustable linear actuator and rotatable mounting bracket allowing the detector to be adjusted vertically and be optimally positioned for the assay. This allows the ANTCart to be used to position detectors for the measurement of a wide variety of container types from small drums to half height ISO containers.

The rotatable mounting bracket allows the detector be positioned facing vertically downwards or upwards through almost 180 degrees of motion. The detector is mounted facing the side of the ANTCart, which allows the detector to be positioned close to the assayed container and to be moved along the container to make measurements at different positions.

The ANTCart is mounted on four castored wheels, the rear two of which can be pivoted and braked to allow the system maximum maneuverability and allows the system to take a minimum footprint when stored. When deployed, the footprint of the base frame provides a stable platform for measurement. The two rear castors are mounted on swivel extensions which can be rotated at right angles to increase stability.

Operator laptop and equipment trays are provided, mounted with handles used to manoeuvre and position the equipment.

ANTCart Datasheet


Height Adjustment

The ANTCart can adjust the vertical position of the detector through the use of a Linear Actuator, driven by hand through a handle fixed to the top of the unit. The actuator is clamped in place to the ANTCart frame vertical member by four clamping blocks, providing an additional point of adjustment as the actuator can be clamped in a range of positions. This gives the detector a vertical range of positions from 500mm from the floor to 1900mm from the floor.

When demobilised, with the detector removed from the ANTCart, the vertical column, including the actuator can be lowered to the floor about a pivot point in the base of the column. For this, the equipment tray on the base must be temporarily removed, which is easily facilitated using a scalloped hand knob. When erected, the column is locked in place in the vertical position using a quick-release pin, enabling fast deployment and mobilisation. This provides a steady and stable measurement platform for detector mounting.

Features & Benefits


  • Fully adjustable vertical positioning of detector using hand crank handle
  • Detector rotatable mounting bracket capable of mounting a variety of detector types
  • Detector rotatable mounting bracket Platform capable of being rotated through 160 degrees, including fully vertically down
  • Optional detector column adaptor plate capable of mounting the G3050 RadSearch Gamma Camera with Pan & Tilt Unit
  • ANTCart is fully collapsible allowing easy storage using quick-release pins
  • Provision of trays for Operator Laptop, notebook etc. and additional equipment
  • Provision for detector Field of View Camera


  • Versatile range of motion allows detector orientation for measuring objects in a variety of positions on any object for assay
  • Height adjustability allows use of ANTCart on Waste Drums and half height ISO containers
  • Increased maneuverability allows the ANTCart to be easily positioned closely to the container
  • Manually operated actuator means no additional power supply is required for the ANTCart
  • Robust tires allow the ANTCart to be deployed of rugged terrain
  • A narrow profile allowing it to fit through standard domestic doors