Conveyor based drum handling systems

ANTECH designs, builds and supplies a variety of conveyor systems in association with its waste assay equipment. These conveyors are used to load and unload drums into waste assay instruments, to buffer drums waiting for a measurement or assay, and to provide a buffer for drums that have been measured. Conveyor systems supplied by ANTECH include those designed for relatively lightweight drums and small packages, up to heavy duty conveyors for heavy drums and objects weighing in excess of 1500 kg. The conveyors include:

  • Sprung positions for automatic drum loading
  • Weigh station positions for determining drum weight
  • Cross over sections to link parallel conveyors
  • Drum platforms on horizontal slides in order to implement TGS horizontal motion
  • Direction changers and turntables for implementing drum rotation

CONV Datasheet

Features & Benefits


  • Implementation of both SGS and TGS motion protocols
  • Automatic loading and unloading of drums to buffer conveyor
  • Accurate positioning of drums for measurement
  • Precise drum motion control for accurate drum measurement


  • Integrated automatic loading and unloading of drums
  • Precise drum positioning for measurement
  • Conveyors to accommodate a wide range of drum weights
  • Flexibility in assay instrument design – conveyors designed specifically to suit assay instrument and drum type requirements