High Sensitivity Large Sample Calorimeter, CV364-1490

The CV364-1490 Calorimeter is transportable without compromising measurement accuracy so that it may be moved to the measurement site. This limits the need to move special nuclear material (SNM).

The design is applicable to a wide range of measurement requirements including international safeguards measurements, shipper-receiver difference measurements, in-plant accountancy measurements and anomaly resolution in passive neutron coincidence counting or segmented gamma-ray scanning. The instrument also has a role in replacing a portion of destructive assay.

The modular transportable design facilitates installation, maintenance and the use of the instrument in a variety of measurement applications. In the standard configuration, the calorimeter is capable of measuring plutonium bearing samples or tritium samples that can be contained in a cylindrical canister measuring internally 190.5 mm (7.5 in) in diameter and 355.6 mm (14 in) high.


HSLSC Datasheet


Variations to the standard design for different requirements and for special sample types or sample packaging can be accommodated. In particular the measurement chamber volume may be reduced or increased and measurement precision and measurement time may be optimised for a specific limited sample power range. Smaller sample diameter custom systems achieve significantly better precision and accuracy at lower measurement powers (e.g. <10 mW).

Features & Benefits


  • True Isothermal ‘air bath’ absolute calorimetry measurements
  • Automatic software algorithms for equilibrium sample power prediction and measurement end point determination
  • Automatic plutonium and americium or alternatively tritium decay correction
  • Custom designs are available from ANTECH for different size sample containers and measurement sensitivities
  • Software selectable redundant measurement sensors and operation modes to optimise accuracy or measurement time
  • Sample lifting device with fail safe hoist
  • Short delivery time of less than six months for custom designs
  • Improved isolation from changes in the local temperature environment
  • Configurable measurement chamber temperature


  • Absolute measurement of sample thermal power
  • Comprehensive user friendly windows based user interface software
  • Reduced criticality hazard as water is not used as a heat sink
  • Total mass of plutonium determined with error propagation when plutonium isotopic data is provided
  • Suitable for accurate measurement of tritium in Getter Beds
  • Comprehensive and traceable electrical calibration capability reduces dependence on plutonium standards
  • Highly transportable trolley mounted system
  • Measurements approved for use by IAEA and WIPP
External dimensions excluding hoist (H x W x D) 1470 mm x 1230 mm x 690 mm (57.87 in x 51.97 in x 27.17 in)
Overall height of removable hoist 1870 mm (73.62 in)
Weight of complete trolley mounted instrument 300 kg (661.39 lb)
Normal measurement range UP to 15 W (higher powers are available)
Power resolution Typically 500 microwatts
Base power supply Better than ±1 mW over one month
Power consumption 600 W max (110/230 VAC)