02 EMBASSY (Excavator Mounted Bucket Assay System) G3102-4216

The ANTECH excavator mounted bucket assay system (EMBASSY) model G3102-4216 is a system designed to measure the radioactive contents of an excavator bucket. It can be employed to detect, measure and segregate radionuclide contamination in soil, gravel and rubble.The contaminates may include naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) such as Ra-226 and activation and fission products such as Co-60 and Cs-137. The EMBASSY system was developed in partnership with Studsvik.

The EMBASSY unit is mounted on the front of an excavator for deployment in the field. The assay is performed with a large volume spectroscopic scintillation detector which is housed in a shadow shield. The great advantage of the EMBASSY system is that contaminated soil is segregated at the source. Uncontaminated material may be returned to the excavation site and no further handling is required.

EMBASSY Technical Note

EMBASSY Datasheet

EMBASSY Studsvik Datasheet

Description Features & Benefits

•    Robust real time sentencing decisions that will ensure compliance with transport and disposal regulations
•    Site clearance projects will be optimised by allowing real time decisions to be made. This speeds up the sentencing
programme and can support project acceleration
•    Project acceleration will in turn save the cost of extended site attendance and minimise site based overheads such as
equipment hire
•    Doses received by the workforce can be minimised by preventing double handling of the waste
•    Enables back-fill excavations during the process
•    Instant determination of whether material is In-scope or Out of Scope of EPR10
•    Removes the requirement for an extensive sampling campaign – time and cost and coverage (confidence in the sampling
• 100% of material assayed giving full confidence in sentencing as Studsvik / ANTECH have proven track record in providing
assay solutions