Tomographic Gamma Scanner (TGS)

ANTECH Model G3850 Tomographic Gamma Scanner.
Es01              Robert J. Estep, Shane Dittrich, John Mason, Matt Piotrowski and Mike Thornton, “Assay of Uranium Oxide Product Canisters Using Constrained Tomographic Gamma Scanning (TGS)”, Proceedings of the 8th Environmental Management Non-destructive Assay Characterization Conference, Denver, Colorado, USA, 11 – 12 December 2001

Ma03b          J. A. Mason, A. C. Tolchard, A. C. N. Towner, K. J. Burke, R. A. Price, S. Dittrich, M. Piotrowski, F. Zurey and D. Walraven, “A Tomographic Segmented Gamma Scanner for the Measurement of Decommissioning Wastes”, Proceedings of ICEM03, Examination School, Oxford, England, September 2003. (ICEM03-4658)