UKAS accreditation for CHARMS and IMAGE

A UKAS audit carried out on October the 8th extended the accreditation of ANTECH radiation measurement services. The CHARMS (Characterisation Assay and Radiation Monitoring Station) service is now accredited for measurements from 59keV to 140keV, so covers a full energy range of radionuclides of not only fission and activation products but also NORM and PCM radionuclides. In addition, the IMAGE (In-situ Mobile Assay of Gamma Emitters) service has been added to the schedule for the same energy range as the CHARMS.

ANTECH CHARMS and IMAGE are the only UKAS accredited services for the on-site measurement of radioactive materials in drums and waste bags (often referred to as dumpy bags), offering lab standard and quality measurements in any location.

To maintain social distancing with the current pandemic, the audit was carried out remotely using video conferencing and file sharing to witness measurements and to review the documentary evidence. This process proceeded remarkably smoothly given the constraints.

The full accreditation schedule can be seen here:


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