Providing non-destructive radioactivity solutions and services to the nuclear industry worldwide.

ANTECH (made up of A.N. technology Ltd in the U.K. and ANTECH Corp in the U.S.A. – please see the Contact Page for more details) designs, builds, tests, provides and operates non-destructive assay equipment to the global nuclear industry. Since 1987, ANTECH has been in the forefront of cutting edge technology for the safe and accurate measurement of radioactive waste, safeguards monitoring and land remediation.

ANTECH designs and builds products and systems to meet the exacting requirements of nuclear customers worldwide. These products are designed to deliver the radiometric measurement performance required and delivered fully calibrated and with the tools required to maintain quality assurance of the measurements. With each system carefully built and tested in-house and commissioned on-site by technical experts, the products are capable of delivering a long and successful service.

Profile of ANTECH

ANTECH has been operating in the Nuclear Industry since 1987 and has a range of world leading technologies and measurement services. ANTECH Measurement technologies include passive and active neutron measurements for the determination of uranium and plutonium for waste and safeguards purposing, a variety of Low Resolution and High Resolution gamma detection and assay equipment for a range of sizes of containers, and is the world leader in the development, design and supply of radiometric calorimeters for the measurement of plutonium, tritium and other heat producing radionuclides.

ANTECH also provides comprehensive on-site measurement services with technical data review and validation for gamma, neutron and calorimeter systems. ANTECH offers a variety of measurement services from drums and boxes to small environmental samples, providing a high accuracy result for the end user.


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Quality Management System

ANTECH Integrated Management System (AIMS)

In the Nuclear industry, quality control is of paramount importance, ensuring both the safety of the industry and also the quality of results from the equipment. To meet this maxim, ANTECH operates under an ISO:9001 2015 certified quality management system, known as the “AIMS” system. This covers all aspects of the ANTECH business and operations, from the production of assay equipment, to the provision of measurement services. ANTECH’s objective is to be a leading provider of quality, innovative and robust solutions to nuclear measurement challenges worldwide. Delivered as a product or service, ANTECH strives to deliver a high quality supply with a flexible, innovative and economic approach optimised to the measurement challenge and the customer’s needs.

For measurement services, ANTECH is accredited for the measurement of 200L drums and bulk “dumpy” bags using high resolution gamma spectroscopy with a number of its systems, with all measurement services offered by ANTECH being controlled through this assessed system. This ensures the accuracy and reliability of the service offered.

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