ANTECH offers a measurement service for the use of the ANTECH RadSearch Gamma Camera, the only gamma camera available which provides not only dose, but activity to accurately assess the distribution of radioactivity as part of the decommissioning process. The RadSearch features a heavily shielded and collimated Lanthanum Bromide detector, allowing for its deployment in high activity areas, and also ensuring only the activity from the field of view is assessed. This ensures an accurate report of the activity distribution.

The RadSearch utilises a hierarchical triangular mesh (HTM) to map overlay the distribution of activity over photographs of the installation location. With localised secondary scanning, the RadSearch can be used for before and after scans of specific areas when assessing;

      • Low and high activity radiation surveys for decommissioning, radiation clean-up and decontamination
      • Accurate measurement and assay of high activity areas and surfaces.

With wireless capability, the RadSearch can be used remotely to support an ALARP/ALARA process. The RadSearch Gamma Camera Survey is also versatile in its deployment, with remote, unmanned operation on a rugged pan and tilt unit, and alternatively can be deployed on the ANTECH ANTCart Mobile Measurement Trolley.

RadSearch Deployment

RadSearch is deployed with a team of two trained operators. They execute a customer specified measurement plan, initially making sample measurements and then performing automated scans. Where facility rules permit, RadSearch can be set to perform longer duration detailed scans overnight in unattended mode. RadSearch can be both controlled and monitored over a wireless network during periods of unattended operation.

RadSearch is normally transported in three protected cases. It can be deployed into an area and set up for operation in less than 15 minutes. Where cable connections are inconvenient, it can be powered by 24 Volts DC from two series connected 12 Volts batteries and controlled over wireless Ethernet from the remote monitoring station, which is simply a rugged notebook computer.

At the conclusion of the assignment, the customer is provided with a detailed report, which includes all of the scanned, and overlaid images, tables of measured results and both a dose- rate and activity map as appropriate.

Where sources have been detected the spectrum plots of the gamma spectra for Scan Elements of interest are also included. Accompanying the report is a uniquely identified directory with all of the raw data obtained during the measurement campaign and a program that will run on a PC for data display. As all of the measured spectra are included in the measured data files, they can be re-analysed subsequently, for example, to search for additional radionuclides that might not have been considered at the time that the measurements were made.

RadSearch Performance Data

Operating Range

< 1 μCi to 0.5 Ci for Cs-137 in field of view at 1 metre

Dose Rate Range

0.003 μGy/h (μSv/h) – 500mGy/h (mSv/h) for Cs-137

MDA of Cs¹³⁷ (μCi)  at 1m


MDA of Cs¹³⁷ (μCi)  at 2m


MDA of Cs¹³⁷ (μCi)  at 5m


MDA of Cs¹³⁷ (μCi)  at 10m


MDA of Cs¹³⁷ (μCi)  at 15m


MDA of Cs¹³⁷ (μCi)  at 20m


Measurement Service Provision

RadSearch G3050 Measurement Service

Measurement Service Team

Once deployed, the ANTECH Measurement Services team for Gamma Camera Surveys consists of;

  • On site operator team consisting of 1 – 2 trained operators with appropriate clearance for the operation and maintenance of the deployed instrument.
  • Remote Subject Matter Expert (SME) to review the measurement results and scan parameters to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the assay.
  • Dedicated ANTECH Project Manager assigned for the duration of the measurement service campaign.
  • ANTECH Quality Assurance Team member to validate the correct provision of the service in line with the ANTECH Integrated Management System (AIMS).
  • Remote maintenance support team member from the ANTECH maintenance team will be aware and available of the deployment and is standing by ready to support the on-site operators when required.

RadSearch Measurement Services Datasheet

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ANTECH Measurement Services Overview

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ANTECH Services Quality Assurance

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