ANTECH offers a range of solutions and services for the measurement of environmental samples for land remediation and environmental monitoring. Samples can range to small beakers to bulk “dumpy” bags of waste and are optimised to integrate with the project process and streamline throughput.

ANTECH services include;

    • On Site deployment of assay equipment, including configuration and commissioning.
    • In-Situ measurements using qualified and experienced ANTECH operators.
    • Immediate sentencing decisions, with possible further remote analysis by ANTECH Subject Matter Experts.
    • Quality Assurance checks to ensure the accuracy and validity of the environmental samples measured.
    • Campaign reporting and submission

Environmental Services Samples

Sample Sizes

ANTECH offers environmental services for a variety of sample sizes;

  • For small samples, ANTECH can provide in-field measurements of Marinelli Beaker samples for both low resolution gamma spectroscopy utilising the ANTECH G3002 Series Sample Gamma Spectroscopy System for small volume sampling, or high resolution gamma spectroscopy utilising the ANTECH G3010 Automated Gamma Spectroscopy System (AGSS), “Sample Changer”. This allows for high volume automated throughput of samples, and can be readily deployed in the ANTECH Sample Mobile Assay Lab (S-MAL).
  • For medium volume samples, ANTECH offers a variety of tray and bucket assay systems, such as the ANTECH EMBASSY and Soil Monitoring System. These allow for in-field, immediate monitoring and sentencing for samples collected in field, with optional GPS locating. These medium volume sampling system allow for quick throughput without sacrificing the accuracy of the results, using a large volume NaI detector in all cases for common technology approach.
  • For large volume samples, ANTECH offers a UKAS ISO 17025 accredited service for the high resolution gamma spectroscopy measurement of bulk “dumpy” bags utilising its CHARMS measurement trailer. Despite the large volume, ANTECH’s use of a high accuracy detection system provides an accurate measurement with a short measurement time.


ANTECH Environmental Services can be utilised on a variety of matrices, including soil, clay, concrete/rubble, sand and others over a low to medium density range. ANTECH software packages provide correction factors for sample matrix and moisture content to ensure the accurate assessment of the radioactive content of the sample.

EMBASSY in the measurement position

ANTECH Environmental Services are provided in three distinct phases;

    • Phase 1 – Deployment, during which ANTECH works pro-actively with the end user to provide a safe and successful deployment of the ANTECH equipment to the end user site. During this phase, all necessary work instructions, risk assessments and method statements are reviewed and processed to ensure a safe service. Once approved, ANTECH service team members deliver the system(s) to the site, in compliance with site rules and processes.
    • Phase 2 – Measurement Campaign, during which the ANTECH service team carry out measurements utilising the system. Throughout this phase, ANTECH subject matter experts (SME) provide technical reviews of the measurements, and the ANTECH quality assurance team ensure the quality and compliance of the measurements with the ANTECH and customer QA processes.
    • Phase 3 – Demobilisation and Project close out, during which any outstanding measurement reports are submitted, any questioned results discussed with the end user, and any necessary documentation for the removal of the equipment completed. The equipment is removed from the end user site and the service is concluded.

Measurement Quality Assurance

ANTECH measurement services are all provided with a high level of quality assurance, as it is as critical as the measurement systems themselves. ANTECH’s Integrated Management System (AIMS) has distinct processes and controls for the provision of measurement services. All measurement services are provided in compliance with this QA system.

ANTECH’s measurement services processes for the HRGS assay of bulk “dumpy” bags and 200L drums utilising the CHARMS, IMAGE and UDASS measurement systems have been accredited by UKAS to IEC/ISO 17025. This approach is applied to all ANTECH measurement services, even where not accredited to ensure that the results of the system meet the stringent requirements to assure the end user of the quality of the results.

Copies of the ANTECH accreditation and quality assurance summaries are provided below.

ANTECH Services Quality Assurance

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ANTECH Measurement Services Overview

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ANTECH Measurement Services Accreditation

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