UDASS in an ISO container with built-in operator station

The UDASS is designed to support waste-led decommissioning and legacy waste recharacterisation of radioactive waste stored in drums.

The service is delivered using the innovative Universal Drum Assay and Segregation System which can operate as a Tomographic Gamma Scan (TGS) in transmission mode, as a Wide-Range Segmented Gamma Scan (WR-SGS) or in a Dynamic Open Detector (DOD) mode as required by the drum matrix and activity heterogeneity to deliver optimal accuracy in the shortest possible time.


      • Lowest waste disposal costs.
      • Fast and accurate waste assay and analysis.
      • UKAS Quality-assured results.
      • The removal of unnecessary waste storage costs releasing funds for new build.

Whilst requiring:

      • No capital purchase.
      • No ownership costs.
      • No equipment disposal costs.

The UDASS drum measurement service is delivered by SQEP UDASS operators and expert data reviewers working to IEC/ISO 17025 processes accredited by UKAS.

UDASS Mobile Assay Lab

Key Features

  • Ability to measure drums with very low and very high activity, low and high density and homogeneous and heterogeneous matrices with one measurement instrument.
  • UDASS Measurement processes and procedures compliant with IEC/ISO 17025.
  • Built-in measurement control checks to support data quality validation.UDASS measurement report suitable for demonstrating compliance with UK LLWR Waste Acceptance Criteria.
  • Accurate measurements allow more drums to be classified to a lower category, minimising waste disposal costs.
  • Trained ANTECH technicians for on-site installation, setting to work and demobilisation.
  • SQEP UDASS operators and expert data reviewers to deliver robust measurement data.
  • Identification and quantification of discrete items as required by the UK LLWR Waste Acceptance Criteria.
  • GammaScanPro analysis complies with Standard Test Method for Non-destructive Assay by Segmented Passive Gamma-ray Scanning ASTM standard number C1133-0.3.
  • TGS transmission mode complies with ASTM standard number C1718.
  • Non-destructive assay of 200 litre drums with a 340 litre overpack drum option.
  • Typical measurement time of 30 minutes although increased accuracy and precision can be achieved by extending the measurement time.

Reclassification of Legacy Wastes to Minimise Disposal Costs – Reference Paper

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Reclassification of ILW using UDASS – Reference Paper

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UDASS Measurement Services Case Study

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ANTECH Waste Measurement Services are provided in three distinct phases;

  • Phase 1 – Deployment, during which ANTECH works pro-actively with the end user to provide a safe and successful deployment of the ANTECH equipment to the end user site. During this phase, all necessary work instructions, risk assessments and method statements are reviewed and processed to ensure a safe service. Once approved, ANTECH service team members deliver the system(s) to the site, in compliance with site rules and processes.
  • Phase 2 – Measurement Campaign, during which the ANTECH service team carry out measurements utilising the system. Throughout this phase, ANTECH subject matter experts (SME) provide technical reviews of the measurements, and the ANTECH quality assurance team ensure the quality and compliance of the measurements with the ANTECH and customer QA processes.
  • Phase 3 – Demobilisation and Project close out, during which any outstanding measurement reports are submitted, any questioned results discussed with the end user, and any necessary documentation for the removal of the equipment completed. The equipment is removed from the end user site and the service is concluded.

Measurement Quality Assurance

ANTECH measurement services are all provided with a high level of quality assurance, as it is as critical as the measurement systems themselves. ANTECH’s Integrated Management System (AIMS) has distinct processes and controls for the provision of measurement services. All measurement services are provided in compliance with this QA system.

ANTECH’s UDASS measurement service processes for the HRGS assay of 200L drums has been accredited by UKAS to IEC/ISO 17025.

Copies of the ANTECH accreditation and quality assurance summaries are provided below.

ANTECH Measurement Services Quality Assurance

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ANTECH Measurement Services Accreditation

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UDASS Measurement Services Brochure

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