A critical phase in the delivery of any instrument supply project is the transfer of the fully tested system from the ANTECH premises to its final destination and completing the necessary installation and setting to work tasks. As standard, ANTECH offers this service both directly and through local sub-contractors and agents to provide a seamless conclusion of a project. ANTECH project team members have extensive experience in preparing for these tasks and delivering them on customer sites and we have several SC and DV level security cleared team members.

ANTECH’s Installation and Commissioning service includes;

    • Preparation of method statements and safe systems of work.
    • Unpacking and siting the system in the desired location.
    • Reassembling system components which have been removed for transport – typically sources will be shipped separately to simplify transport regulations, delicate components such as high purity germanium detectors will be transported in specialist packing cases and subsystems may have been removed to facilitate transport.
    • Inspection to ensure there has been no damage in transit.
    • System performance checks.

With the system installed, and ANTECH experts on site, “hands on” training can be carried out with the system and supported by comprehensive classroom training packages.

All Installation and Commissioning activities are carried out in accordance to local rules and requirements, and in line with good practice.

In addition to in-person Installation and Commissioning, ANTECH can provide remote Installation and Commissioning of instruments via telephone, video and email support. ANTECH offers remote support at a time to suit the end user location, with flexible hours.

For more information on system Installation and Commissioning, please Contact us.