For each system supplied, ANTECH offers a comprehensive spares package derived from an availability, reliability and maintainability (ARM) assessment. The critical system components identified as an outcome of this assessment can be provided at any stage throughout the product lifecycle and it is recommended that a spares package is held with the system. From time to time, some components may become unobtainable through obsolescence.  As part of routine obsolescence reviews, ANTECH can advise of potential future supply problems with critical components to ensure appropriate measures are taken to enable the equipment to be maintained for its required lifetime.

In the event of changing requirements or equipment obsolescence, ANTECH offers upgrades and refurbishments of existing equipment.  The replacement of obsolete electronics and dated processors and software with modern versions can significantly improve the performance and lifetime of assay equipment at minimal cost.

For more information on Spares and Upgrades packages, please Contact ANTECH.