ANTECH provides a comprehensive maintenance service to its customers. ANTECH is experienced in providing maintenance and technical support for nuclear and radioactivity measurement equipment built by all major manufacturers as well as servicing our own products.

ANTECH maintenance, calibration and technical support services can be purchased at any time. ANTECH technical support can be added to a maintenance contract or the standard warranty support.


1. Preventative Maintenance

        1. Annual visits by qualified ANTECH staff, at approximately six month intervals.
        2. Review of equipment and components to update obsolescence status (i.e. notification of potential supply and component replacement issues).
        3. Optional provision of first line Work Instructions

2. Breakdown response (Corrective Maintenance)

        1. Immediate telephone response during normal working hours (US and UK).
        2. On-site attendance response within 48 hours.

Technical Support

3. Technical Assistance

        1. Unlimited telephone response during normal working hours (US and UK).
        2. Expert review and analysis of problematic data (at request of the user).
        3. Review of trend data and modification of control limits and operating parameters, if necessary.
        4. Minor software updates (at request of the user).

4. Training and Documentation

        1. Review of equipment operation (if necessary). Review of training requirements and up to one half day on-site training.

Customised Maintenance and Technical Support

ANTECH can provide a customized maintenance and technical support package to suit customer requirements. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

        • For enquiries from the USA and Canada, please contact the ANTECH US office in Denver, Colorado.
        • For enquiries from Europe and the rest of the world, please contact the ANTECH UK office near Oxford.