Founded in 1987, ANTECH is an independent provider of radiation measurement equipment, measurement services and technical expertise to the nuclear industry.

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Our experience is a product of more than thirty years of academic research into nuclear measurement technologies and more than twenty years of continual product development. We have particular expertise in the development and supply of radiometric calorimeters for the measurement of plutonium, tritium and other heat producing radionuclides. Our broad international customer base includes government nuclear laboratories, power stations and nuclear industry site operators and contractors around the world.

Radioactive Waste Measurement

We supply equipment and provide measurement services to characterise legacy nuclear and radioactive waste so that it can be safely dispositioned in order to reduce future public health risks. Our waste characterisation technologies include calorimetry, gamma ray and neutron measurement methods to cover the widest range of radioactive waste types.

Nuclear Safeguards

Our nuclear safeguards measuring instruments to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and other safeguards organisations around the world. Safeguards measurement applications range from the measurement of new and spent nuclear fuel to accounting measurements for Special Nuclear Materials (SNM).

Radiation Monitoring in the Environment

ANTECH provides environmental radiation monitoring equipment, including area monitors, portal monitors and radiation search devices, used for decommissioning and radiation cleanup applications.