ANTECH UDASS Mobile Assay Laboratory


Introducing the ANTECH UDASS Mobile Assay Laboratory (U-MAL) Following on from the success of the ANTECH Gamma Mobile Assay Laboratory (G-MAL) and the Neutron Mobile Assay Laboratory (N-MAL) which saw extensive use providing measurement services throughout the USA, ANTECH has introduced the Universal Drum Assay & Segregation System (UDASS) Mobile Assay Laboratory (U-MAL) for rapid and versatile deployment of precision drum assay equipment across the globe.

Housed within a customised shipping container, the UDASS deploys a battery of gamma assay techniques and provides the most accurate tool for waste drum assay and segregation at the ILW-PCM/TRU to LLW boundary and below to VLLW and under the right circumstances, Out of Scope.  

The performance of the UDASS has recently been demonstrated in a recategorization campaign at the UK national Low Level Waste Repository (LLWR). The UDASS design has been optimised to fit within a shipping container, along with an operator office and observation point in the end. The container has a self-contained electrical distribution network, complete with lighting and air-conditioning for operator comfort, meaning the only service required is single phase electrical supply.

The U-MAL can be shipped around the globe without any special shipping requirements and only requires a suitable installation location, with minimal commissioning and setup time.

The first deployment of the U-MAL is for the US Department of Energy, in partnership with NuVision Engineering.

Customised container U-MAL Laboratory