ANTECH Goes Solar

August 11th 2023

Posted in: NEWS

ANTECH are very pleased to announce the implementation of solar power at our Oxfordshire Factory. 112 solar panels have been installed on the roof of the Factory to provide clean, renewable energy to the ANTECH team. Nuclear Energy is green energy, a fact that we understand and promote as part of the Nuclear supply chain. ANTECH is proud to contribute as a small business to the push for net zero.

ANTECH has been pursuing an update and upgrade of its entire facility, not only with solar panels, but with electric car chargers, LED lighting and energy saving practices. Through this, we hopes to contribute to the global push to reduce energy consumption and fossil fuel usage and also promote the credentials of the nuclear industry being a green industry. The push for a greener future is a fight for all businesses no matter how big or small, and the ANTECH team are proud to join the worldwide effort and to do what can be done.