The ANTECH EMBASSY (Excavator Mounted Bucket Assay System) is a assay system which provides in-situ spectroscopic measurements of soil, sand and rubble directly from the excavator bucket itself. The high accuracy, in field decisions allows for quick, reliable decisions in land remediation and decommissioning projects.


  • Removes the attenuation of the bucket material to provide a far more accurate system than other systems.
  • In-Situ go/no-go decision making.
  • Customisable for a range of excavator sizes.
  • Spectroscopic analysis of excavator samples.
  • Automated measurement process with simple user interface.


  • Wireless Emergency Stop network for Operator safety
  • Wireless remote tablet operation by subject matter expert for safe operation
  • Integrated check source for energy calibration.
  • Temperature controlled, large volume Sodium Iodide detector.
  • Configurable buckets for different excavator configurations.
  • Description

    The ANTECH EMBASSY is a versatile assay system for in-situ spectroscopic measurements of buckets of soil, rubble and other materials coming from land remediation and decommissioning activities. The system features a large, temperature controlled Sodium Iodide (NaI) detector housed within a shielded detector housing actuated vertically to and from the measurement position.

    The EMBASSY system features two operators; an excavator operator and a subject matter expert who remotely controls the assay system via a wireless rugged tablet. The excavator operator collects a sample in the bucket and positions it in the measurement position, guided by a hardware target. When safe, the subject matter initiates a measurement using the operator tablet, from a safe position outside the reach of the excavator or EMBASSY equipment. Once triggered, the EMBASSY detector is lowered from it’s idle position, pivoting to be positioned directly over the excavator bucket. Once in the measurement position, the system carries out an assay for a configurable preset time, collecting spectral information of the sample. Once the spectrum is acquired, the detector automatically returns to the idle position above the excavator operator cab, out of their field of view and the results are analysed.

    During the analysis, the acquired spectrum is analysed against the system fingerprint, applying the calibration and removing background contributions. In addition to this, the moisture content of the material is factored into the assessment, based on a sample made at the start of the day’s campaign. Once analysed, the results are presented to the Subject Matter Expert on the tablet display, giving an immediate go/no go decision on the excavator bucket. With a large, visual display, this can be communicated directly to the excavator operator who can then deposit the bucket load in an appropriate location based on its content.

    In order to ensure results accuracy, when in the idle position, the EMBASSY detector is stabilised using a small Europium-152 source housed in a shielded container. This, along with the temperature control of the detector housing provides excellent energy efficiency stabilisation.


  • Specifications

    2" x 4" x 16" thermally controlled Sodium Iodide (NaI).
    Steel detector housing with lead, copper and tin lining.
    Digital MCA
    Ortec digi-BASE
    Analysis Software
    ANTECH TerraScan
    Check Source Stabilisation
    Eu-152 (10uCi) typical, options of Cs-137 and Co-60 mixed sources available.