The ANTECH CD295 Thermal Pre-Conditioner is a high-performance instrument for the optimisation of the temperature of containers to be used in support of CD285 Series Calorimeters.


  • Increased throughput
  • Shortened Measurement Time
  • Optimisation for the sample canister characteristics
  • Embedded control unit for un-monitored operation
  • Data logging
  • In addition, in-line automation with auxiliary sample handling equipment has previously been provided in a multi-stage pre-conditioner, calorimetry and gamma assay suite


  • Dual stabilisation control (1) Heater circuit wound around the outside of the sample chamber (2) Peltier-fan air cooling circuit
  • Thermally insulated sample chamber
  • Dedicated PID controllers for the heating and cooling circuits
  • In-built data logger
  • Electrical Safety protection to disable the heater circuit in the event of loss of heater control
  • Options for a portable system with heavy duty braked castors or a fixed system with adjustable mounting feet for securing to the floor
  • Description

    The Pre-Conditioner is designed to provide a stable environment within a sample chamber so that the container is heated or cooled whilst isolated from the effects of fluctuations in the ambient temperature in the facility. By heating or cooling, the container is prepared for assay within the calorimeter, cutting down the time to reach thermal equilibrium within the calorimeter.

    By Pre-Conditioning the sample, the measurement time in the calorimeter can be reduced, as the sample container is brought into thermal equilibrium with the temperature of the calorimeter measurement chamber prior to inserting in the the Calorimeter, pre-conditioning a sample whilst the previous sample is being assayed in the calorimeter unit. This increases the throughput for the system.

  • Specifications

    External Dimensions
    1200mm x 775mm x 610mm

    (47.24" x 30.51" x 24.01")
    H x W x D
    Sample Cavity Dimensions
    254mm x 125mm

    (10" x 4.92")
    H x D
    215 kg

    (474 lb)
    Power Supply
    110 vac, 60 Hz
    Power Consumption
    250 W (Typical)
    Operation Temperature Range
    19⁰ - 26⁰ C (optimum)

    32⁰ C (maximum)
    5 - 90%
    Enclosure IP rating
    NFPA 70