The ANTECH A2000-15 TTL to LVDS converter Module is designed to allow utilisation of all of the input channels on the ANTECH N2000 Universal Neutron Counter.  As well as interfacing with the TTL coaxial outputs of neutron detection amplifiers, the A2000-15 provides stable power for neutron detector amplifiers,


  • Allows utilisation of all N2000 input channels
  • Compact portable design can be configured to be rack or bench mountable
  • Indicator LEDs for signal channels and LV power
  • Compatible with N2000 12 VDC mains adaptor


  • Compact form factor matches the N2000
  • High frequency design allows data input rates exceeding that of the N2000
  • 15 high count rate TTL inputs - up to 40 MHz
  • Low voltage (5 V) supply rated for up to 10W
  • < 3.5 W device consumption
  • “Channel active” indication LEDs for aiding debugging
  • Supplied with 1m LVDS - UNC 2000 Interface Cable
  • Description

    The ANTECH A2000 series of Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL) to Low-Voltage Differential Signal (LVDS) converters allow for easy interface from the TTL coaxial outputs of neutron detection amplifiers to the N2000 LVDS D-sub input. The A2000-15 is the maximum 15 channel TTL to LVDS converter module, allowing for all the LVDS inputs on the N2000 to be populated with an input signal.

    The A2000 series also provides a stable 5 V power TNC output that can be used to power neutron detector amplifiers, removing the need for an external power supply to the amplifiers. ANTECH recommends placing the A2000 unit near the amplifier side, minimizing the distance of the coaxial cable and therefore utilising the low interference design of LVDS and the LVDS cable assembly.

    The converter is designed to exceed the specifications of the N2000, and is tested to accept bursts of incoming pulses of at least 40 MHz, or continuous summed input count rate of at least 5 Mhz. The converter can accept any pulses with a pulse width of 12.5 ns and upwards.

    The A2000-15 is EMC tested to EN 61326-1:2013 with full compliance.

  • Specifications

    Maximum input count rate
    40 MHz (momentary)
    Maximum continuous count rate
    5 MHz
    Minimum input pulse width
    12.5 ns
    15 BNC (LED pulse indicators for each channel)
    15 LVDS (37-pin D sub)

    5 V TNC
    Input Power
    12 VDC, 1.25 A (15 W)
    Output Power
    5 VDC, 2 A (10 W)
    BSEN 61010-1:2010
    EN 61326-1:2013
    CE, UKCA
    Operation Temperature Range
    5°C to 40°C (up to 90% RH)
    Storage range
    5°C to 50°C (up to 90% RH)
    85 mm H, 230 mm W, 210 mm D (without handle and feet) 3.3" H, 9.1" W, 8.3" D
    1.6 kg 3.5 lb