The ANTECH G3700 Series of systems is designed for them high resolution gamma spectroscopy measurement and segregation of gamma ray emitting waste held in large containers, crates and boxes. The G3700 series draws from a modular design set, configured to be adapted to allow for any configuration and allow for a range of container sizes. This includes options for both moving the container during the assay or moving the detectors designed to suit to specific requirement and installation location. The G3700 series is a high accuracy system  for a precision whole-box analysis with reduced uncertainties and optimised measurement throughput.


  • High sensitivity detectors produce accurate container assay
  • Rapid measurement with 100% coverage of the container
  • Multiple measurements to detect hotspots
  • Appropriate for the measurement of boxes with a uniform distribution of density and activity
  • Suitable for confirmatory measurements of large volumes of waste
  • ANTEC IsoCorr or Ortec ISOTOPIC analysis software options


  • Assays containers of varying size, including SWB, B-25 and ISO Containers
  • High efficiency and resolution HPGe detectors with a variety of LN2 and electro-mechanical cooler options
  • Configurations for multiple detectors provide a faster measurement with lower uncertainty
  • Configurations for detectors on a single side, both sides, and above available
  • Modular design allows quick and easy changes for different measurement conditions
  • Optional transmission source for improved density correction
  • Description

    The G3700 series carries out a non-destructive assay of a large container or box by carrying out an HRGS measurement at multiple points for example at 25%, 50% and 75% along the length of the container. This is achieved either through the transiting of the box past fixed detector positions or the transiting detector columns At each point, the multiple collimated HPGe detectors perform multiple simultaneous measurements. In a typical configuration, four detectors are positioned on one side of the measurement station, resulting in 12 sets of assay measurements for the container.

    Depending of the container size, multiple measurement positons will be taken both along the length and height of the contianer. The field of view of the detector is optimised to minimise overlap or losses of the container assay

    IsoCorr, the latest waste-assay software from ANTECH, manages the gathering of the multiple detector spectra and processes the result. Each detector to be used in the assay is calibrated with a simple multi-nuclide point source, and the program then extrapolates the calibration to the actual geometry and matrix conditions present at each measurement point. The results from each detector are then averaged and stored within an industry standard database.

    The modular nature of the Waste Segregation Gamma Container Scanner means that for easier or more difficult measurement situations, fewer detectors or extra detectors may be used. Furthermore, because IsoCorr calculates a complete container assay based on container physical parameters and a point source calibration for each detector, the loss of one detector is not catastrophic to all measurement process.

    The system uses STANDARD High Purity Germanium (HPGe) detectors calibrated via simple point sources and collimators of known dimension and materials. If they are required, additional or replacement detectors can be brought to use in minutes, making it cost efficient to upgrade the system.

  • Specifications

    Maximum Container Dimensions
    1845mm (L) 1184mm (W) 1310 mm (H) 72.6" (L) 46.6" (W) 51.6" (H)
    5400 kg 11905 lb
    5097 mm (L) 5207mm (W) 2277 mm (H) 201" (L) 205" (W) 90" (H)
    HPGe, 25% efficiency or higher
    Transmission Source
    Optional ¹⁵²Eu
    Operating Voltage (V)
    110 or 240 VAC, Single phase
    Frequency (Hz)
    50-60 Hz