May 16th 2023

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In the words of the organisers of the Waste Management Symposium held in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, February 26 to March 2 2023:

“On behalf of WM Symposia, I would like to congratulate you on achieving the rating of a “Superior” paper at the WM2023 Conference, for Paper #23493 Reclassification of Intermediate Level Waste Employing the ANTECH UDASS presented in Session #156 Worldwide Strategies and Perspectives in LLW/ILW Management and Treatment (3.6b). 74 papers received this honorable recognition at WM2023 from the 500+ papers submitted.

WMS established the “Superior Paper” recognition at WM2015 with the objective to recognize authors and co-authors for distinguished contributions to the advancement of radioactive waste and radioactive material management. Your paper achieved the superior level rating based on the paper review judging criteria. It demonstrated superb knowledge and understanding and lays the foundation for future waste management endeavors.

Once again, I congratulate you on an outstanding paper and admire your passion of waste management. It is individuals like you that continue to move this industry forward.”

Paper #23493

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