ANTECH offers a wide range of drum measurement systems for the most commonly used packages for radioactive waste.

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ANTECH Drum Measurement Systems include gamma spectroscopy, neutron instruments, and a Drum Calorimeter system to measure specific radionuclide activity.

Gamma systems which use density correction based on container weight are available with low and high resolution spectroscopy . More sophisticated gamma spectroscopy segmented scanning instruments (including SGS and TGS) use gamma transmission sources for density correction and can measure more heterogeneous and higher density waste containers.

Neutron systems are available which use both passive and active neutron measurements, and where appropriate with integrated gamma measurements.

ANTECH Drum Measurement Systems are typically designed for 220 Litre (55 Gallon) and 340 Litre (85 Gallon) drums, however variations for any drum size both larger and smaller can be accommodated.

The listed systems below are ANTECH’s existing Drum Measurement systems, which can all be modified and customised to meet a specific requirement. ANTECH can accommodate a design for any of its measurement techniques for the measurement of custom drum sizes with a Custom Instrument Design. For a specific Drum Measurement system, please Contact Us.