Collars and forks are used for the measurement of fresh and irradiated fuel for accountancy and safeguards purposes.

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ANTECH Fuel Collars and Forks are Nuclear Safeguards instruments employing gamma, and neutron measurement technologies to verify and quantify the presence of Special Nuclear Materials (SNM) to either verify the radioactive fingerprint or signature of SNM and fission products (for example in spent nuclear fuel), or quantify SNM in bulk form (for example in unused nuclear fuel for verification purposes).

Safeguards instruments are sometimes used for nuclear materials assay for inventory and materials quantification purposes as well as for safeguards, for example in a nuclear fuel production plant.

ANTECH Collars and Forks range in size to match typical fuel assemblies; BWR, PWR and VVER, and are designed using MCNP to meet optimal measurement performance. The systems and instruments listed below are designed for the measurement of these assemblies. For a specific application or customisation for a Fork or Collar that does not appear below, please Contact Us.