Neutron counting systems and electronics for total neutron, coincidence and multiplicity counting.

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ANTECH designs and manufactures neutron counting systems and electronics for both active systems measuring induced fission neutrons and passive systems measuring spontaneous fission neutrons. ANTECH counting system technologies include;

  • Total neutron counting for the total neutron count rate arising from a sample.
  • Coincidence neutron counting, for the rate of emissions of two neutrons in coincidence and
  • Neutron multiplicity counting for the rate of emission of three neutrons in coincidence.

ANTECH active systems use the latest neutron generators and ANTECH counting electronics are the most advanced neutron electronics available on the market.

The systems listed below are ANTECH’s existing neutron measurement systems and counting electronics, which can all be modified and customised to meet a specific requirement. For a specific neutron measurement system, please Contact Us.