G3002 Series

Sample Gamma Spectroscopy System (SGSS)

The ANTECH G3002 Series Sample Gamma Spectroscopy System (SGSS) instruments are Low Resolution Gamma Spectroscopy (LRGS) instruments designed for the precise assay of single samples held within a Marinelli-type beaker. The SGSS allows for a range of Marinelli sizes from 250ml to 2L within a graded lead shield sample chamber to be measured using a Sodium Iodide detector. An operator-friendly user interface via a touch screen panel PC allows for easy operation of the instrument for an accurate sample measurement.


  • Accurate sample measurement in a small instrument
  • No requirement for detector cooling
  • Close coupling between detector and sampling
  • Simple to operate system without complicated electronics
  • Quick sample measurement time.


  • Options of 2" and 3" Sodium Iodide Detectors
  • Graded lead shield for sample shielding
  • Integrated weigh scale for sample measurement
  • Rugged capacitive touch-screen for user interface
  • Bespoke shipping case for easy transportation and deployment
  • Quick Adjust detector positioning for beaker optimisation
  • Description


    The ANTECH G3002 Single Gamma Spectroscopy System (SGSS) is a compact assay system designed for the measurement of a range of Marinelli-style sample beakers. The system is based around a Sodium Iodide detector (as standard a 2″ x 2″), housed within a graded lead shield, and operated from an embedded touch screen PC. During a measurement, the sample beaker is positioned in the Sample Chamber, the lid closed and a measurement started from the touch screen PC.


    SampleScan Sample Measurement Screen
    SampleScan Measurement Screen

    The Sample Chamber is made of 0.5″ (12.7mm) thick BS3090/2 lead, lined with tin and copper sheet. Around the outside of the shield, a painted steel housing protects the operator from contact with hazardous materials. A swivel lid, also made of lead, allows for  easy opening and closing, providing complete shielding of the sample from background. Within the Sample Chamber, a measurement plate provides a resting position for the sample beaker, loading through an integrated weigh scale. This is used to provide the gross weight of the sample, with the net weight calculated from the beaker setup within the SampleScan software.

    The Sample Chamber is mounted on a sheet metal enclosure which holds the system electronics and the Operator touch-screen PC used for operation. The enclosure also provides ports for network connection and USB connection for accessories, such as a hand-held barcode reader, which can be used to automatically populate the sample ID.

    The G3002 Series of instruments includes models for two different detector sizes. As standard, the SGSS utilises a 2″ x 2″ Sodium Iodide detector, but the G3002 series also features a variant designed for a 3″ x 3″ detector. Both instruments deploy Saint Gobain detectors and photomultiplier tubes. Care must be taken when selecting the variant to ensure the beaker geometry and dimension matches the detector size.

    ANTECH SampleScan

    The SGSS uses the ANTECH SampleScan software package, designed and optimised for the touch screen interface of the SGSS operator PC.. This package features;

    • Background Measurements, used for background stripping
    • Calibration Measurements
    • Sample Measurements
    • Instrument Configuration and Setup

    SampleScan incorporates temperature sensor readout to allow for compensation for the changes in the  energy calibration typical to Sodium Iodide detector systems.

  • Specifications

    2" x 2" Thallium doped Sodium Iodide (NaI(Tl))
    3" x 3" Thallium doped Sodium Iodide (NaI(Tl))
    Analysis Software
    ANTECH SampleScan based on the latest Windows Operating System
    505 mm x 286 mm x 445 mm (19.9”) x (11.3”) x (17.5”)
    12.7mm (0.5") lead shield, graded with 1mm tin and copper liners.
    39.4 kg (86.7 lb)
    Operating Voltage (V)
    Operation Humidity Range
    85% RH non-condensing