ANTECH integrated measurement solutions provide a complete measurement solution for Safeguards and Waste Assay applications.

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ANTECH Integrated Measurement Systems include various combinations of gamma ray, neutron and calorimetry measurement technologies to provide integrated measurement results. ANTECH systems are designed to be easily integrated into plants with conveyor and other materials handling options for automated transfer of material to and from the assay stations as well as network connections to facilitate the integration into plant systems and control rooms.

ANTECH measurement automation solutions are used to position detectors, samples, cans, drums, boxes and containers for measurement. Measurement Automation solutions for materials handling include:

  • Drum loading beams
  • Roller conveyors
  • Rail systems
  • Gantry robot cranes for automating the movement of sample cans, drums and boxes

The systems listed below are ANTECH’s existing integrated systems which can all be modified and customised to meet a specific requirement. For a specific integrated measurement system, please Contact Us.